4/11 (Sat.) Chihsing Mountain+ The Festival of Calla Lily


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4/11 (Sat.) Chihsing Mountain+ The Festival of Calla Lily

文章YiRuLi » 週日 3月 29, 2009 4:27 pm

Activity: 4/11 (Sat.) Yangmingshan National Park--> Chihsing Mountain +
Jhuzihhu(Bamboo Lake) The Festival of Calla Lily

★ Leader : YI-Ru LI (The leader's cell phone number: 0987-318-615)

★ Date: April. 11 (Sat.), 2009

★ Gathering Time: April. 11 (Sat.), 2009 AM. 9:40

(Please don’t be late because we have to take bus at AM. 10:00)

★ Gathering Place: MRT Jiantan Station Exit 1

★ How to register :
Please send an email to yrli@tsmc.com before April. 10 (Fri.) PM.5:
30 or send a message to 0987-318-615 before our gathering time, and
leave your name, email address, and phone number. Or "Attend " 4/11
activity of 523 mountaineering Association Group in Facebook.

★ Itinerary:
9:40 Meet everyone and take small 15 bus. → 11:00 Arrive Lengshuikeng
and trailhead. Have a look around Milk Lake.→ 11:40 Arrive Dream Lake →
12:30 Chihsing Mountain Top and have lunch.→ 14: 00 Arrive Siaoyoukeng
geyser and look around→ 15:00 Arrive Bamboo Lake and pick Calla Lily. →
18:00 Have vegetable dinner at Bamboo Lake restaurant. → 20:30 Arrive
MRT Jiantan Station.

★ Note/ 注意:
Please bring rain gear, lunch, water, transportation fee, money for
buying flower and dinner, sunscreen and warm clothe which can protect
from wind.

If it rains heavy in 4/11, we’ll postpone the hiking. But we’ll still
have our activity if it just rains a little bit because it’s OK for the
trail’s condition.

Chihsing Mountain Top is the highest top in Taipei. The view is at least
40 km/ 360° to see the city, sea and mountain around it. And the
Siaoyoukeng geyser is special volcano scenery.

The festival of Calla Lily is the most amazing great chance to take lots
of beautiful pictures in the big Calla Lily field. It’s also lots of fun
to pick your own Calla lily.

The dinner with variety vegetables is the most expecting. Bamboo Lake is
famous for its vegetable because the soil of volcano makes the
vegetables with special delicious taste & nutrition. If you want to try
the variety best vegetables in Taipei, Bamboo Lake is your best choice.

Welcome to join us!